We will teach a design process for full-culm bamboo in order to appropriately design for bamboo and increase the design space for bamboo using digital design tools. We invite participants to sign up individually or as teams from all over the globe to this online design studio in which we will learn to design for bamboo and contribute to wider research in this field.

Over the course there will be a series of design exercises which will contribute to the development of a project, supported by lectures from tutors and ecologists, architects and engineers in this field. We will learn about bamboo harvesting, treatments and locally available species of bamboo throughout the world. We will learn about traditional and innovative construction methods and joinery with full-culm bamboo and embed this knowledge into our design process. We will start by form finding using parametric software and follow a generative design approach to develop projects with tools such as Kangaroo, Ladybug and Galapagos. We will aim to produce a design through an algorithm which can respond to the external factors ensuring durability and buildability into these designs for bamboo. For the end of the course projects will be detailed to show how these will be constructed by bamboo using the knowledge built up over the lectures and exercises in the course, as well as a final physical model constructed from bamboo as the final submission.

2 – 21 August 2021

Between these dates there will be 14 teaching days and 6 private study or rest days. We encourage all students to be responsible for their own time management and outside lectures you are free to schedule your work as participants see fit.


Online format
For the second year, this course will utilise the online format for the delivery of the course. All participants will be sent a welcome pack including samples of bamboo and model making materials prior to the start of the course. All exercises will be taught online though worksheets will be issued throughout the course to ensure that the online presentation is not the only medium by which the curriculum is taught.

Course Outputs

  • Course transcript on completion
  • Individual research portfolio
  • Design project and physical model