Dr.-Ing. Andry Widyowijatnoko

Andry is an Architect, Lecturer and Researcher at the Building Technology Research Group, School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. Andry started working with bamboo in 1999 developing plastered bamboo construction for low cost housing, which has been applied across Indonesia. In 2006 he spent time in Colombia which augmented his approach of promoting bamboo by designing high-end building to increase their value. One of his achievements in design was award winning Great Hall OBI, an oval building with span of 20m to 30m, entirely made of bamboo. He gained his doctoral degree from the Chair of Structures and Structural Design, Faculty of Architecture, RWTH Aachen, Germany in 2012. His dissertation ‘Traditional and Innovative Joints in Bamboo Construction’ focused on the classification of bamboo joints, construction techniques and proposed customised lashing-based bamboo joints with very high tensile strength. The joints were called bamboo radial compression joints or ‘Barcom Joints’, and ‘Barcom Joints with Multi Knots’. Still working with bamboo design and build, he tries to widen the application of bamboo for advanced structure, such as tensegrity, reciprocal, tensile as well as space structure, combined with new design approach such as parametric design. In promoting new ways of constructing bamboos, he conducted so many lectures and hands-on workshop all over the globe such as Indonesia, Germany, Belgium, Philippines, Korea, Colombia, Australia and China.


John Osmond Naylor

John is a London based architect, registered with the ARB in the UK, and CNIAH in Haiti. He completed his AA Diploma at the Architectural Association in 2013, winning the Holloway Prize, the Fosters Prize for Sustainable Infrastructure, and was featured in Dezeen top 10 bamboo projects 2014. John has worked at MAD, Beijing, rare Architecture, Paris, Farshid Moussavi Architecture, and the Singapore University of Technology and Design, on complex projects in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Haiti. He is interested in the role the built environment can play in socio-ecological systems to promote sustainable development, through architectural research and education. He has taught at the Architectural Association (London); Tsinghua University (Beijing); the Leeds School of Architecture; as well as being an invited speaker at the 3rd Mexican Bamboo Congress in Huatusco, Mexico. He continues to be lead the Architectural Association’s bamboo research programme, AAVS Bamboo Lab.